How Long Does It Take a Professional to Install a Garage?

The process of constructing a garage involves several steps, which can vary in complexity depending on several factors. Many homeowners might wonder exactly how long it would take for a professional to install a garage on their property. The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but by understanding the different stages involved, you can get a clearer idea of the timeline. In this post, we’ll break down the typical process and factors that can impact the duration of a garage installation.

Planning and Design Phase

Before any actual construction work can begin, you need to have a plan. Hiring a professional can streamline the process, as they’ll be able to provide designs that match your needs and adhere to local building codes. This planning phase typically involves:

  • Discussing Requirements: You’ll need to communicate your needs, such as the garage size, style, materials, and whether it’s an attached or detached structure.
  • Design Work: The professional will draft designs which may take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity and communication back and forth.
  • Permit Acquisition: Most locales require building permits for a new garage, which can take anywhere from one week to several months depending on the jurisdiction.

Ground Preparation

Before the foundation can be laid, the ground must be prepared. This stage usually involves:

  • Site Inspection: A professional installation includes inspecting the site for suitability.
  • Land Clearance: Clearing any vegetation, rocks, or existing structures could take a day or two.
  • Leveling: The ground has to be properly leveled, which can take additional time if the site is uneven.

The time required for ground preparation can vary greatly but typically takes about one to three days.

Foundation Work

The foundation is critical for the safe and sturdy construction of your garage. This stage involves:

  • Excavation: Digging the foundation trenches or holes may take a day or two.
  • Pouring the Foundation: Depending on the garage size and foundation type, this process might extend over several days to allow for curing time.

All told, the foundation stage could potentially stretch over one to two weeks.


The framing structure is the skeleton of your garage. Framing work generally includes:

  • Wall Construction: Erecting walls can be relatively quick, possibly taking a few days.
  • Roof Framing: Building the roof structure, including trusses, which might take another day or two.

Experienced professionals may complete the framing within a week, depending on the garage size and complexity.

Exterior Work

Once the frame is up, the exterior work begins, including:

  • Roofing: Professional roofers can typically install a garage roof within a day or two.
  • Siding: Installing siding to protect the garage from the elements might require an additional couple of days.

So, the exterior work might take anywhere from three to five days.

Interior and Finishing Touches

The final touches on your garage will depend heavily on the extent of the finishing you desire. This could include:

  • Insulation and Drywall: If your garage is insulated and finished inside, this process could take up to a week.
  • Painting: A couple of days should be sufficient for painting, assuming conditions are ideal for it to dry properly.
  • Flooring: Depending on the type of flooring, installation might range from a single day to several days for more complex systems such as epoxy coatings.

These finishing stages could spread across one to two weeks in total.

Installation of Doors and Windows

A crucial part of your garage will be its doors and windows. Installing a standard garage door and a few windows is typically a day’s job for skilled professionals, assuming no customization is needed.

Electrical Work

If you’re planning to have electricity in your garage, professionals need to run power to the structure:

  • Wiring: Basic wiring can typically be done in a day or two.
  • Fixture Installations: Installing lights and outlets can be completed within a day if the wiring is already in place.

Electric work may take approximately up to three days, depending on the complexity of the job.

Timing Influences

Several factors can delay or expedite your garage installation:

  • Weather Conditions: Bad weather can halt outdoor construction activities.
  • Permitting Delays: Sometimes red tape can cause unexpected delays.
  • Custom Features: Custom work requires more time for both planning and execution.
  • Contractor Availability: The contractor’s schedule can influence how quickly the work starts and progresses.


On average, a professional team can install a standard two-car garage within three to eight weeks from start to finish, assuming there are no significant delays or custom requests. Remember, quality is often more important than speed when it comes to construction, so having a little patience can ensure that your garage is built to last and meets all of your expectations. By understanding the process and working with reputable professionals, you can achieve the best outcomes for your new garage installation.

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